Donor Moms


We welcome all donor moms, but prior to joining, we recommend you read the following safety advice.



Meet prospective parents in a public place. Ensure friends or family know where you are at all times. Have your phone switched on in case you need to use it. Ensure you have the couple's full details and someone knows where you are at all times.

Do Not

Do not travel to meet prospective parents without knowing their identity first.

Do not give prospective parents your mobile phone or passport if they ask for it.

Do not feel pressured into signing an agreement without reading it first.

Do not stay in accommodation if you are unhappy.

Do not allow prospective parents to pressure you.

Case Example 

In 2019 a young pregnant woman by the name of Roz Foley travelled from Dublin to New York to meet prospective parents for her baby. Safety protocols were not followed and her story is a warning to all. To find out more, please follow the link here.

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